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zBuilder zBIMBuilder Show Hide BIM Elements

here you can review your BIM model online without any installed applications

zBuilder zBIMBuilder viewer blowup Features

here you can blow up your building to see its details easyly in Cloud Viewer    

zBuilder zBIMBuilder Show/Set ViewPoints

How To save BIM 3D ViewPoints in zBIM builder

4D BIM Modeling in Construction Management

4D BIM – Building Information Modeling is the process where 3D digital models are linked with time or schedule related information. This integration brings in precise and useful construction project information for teams. 4D BIM modeling visualization gives out the start and finish date, eliminating the challenges of conventional scheduling of construction sequences of misunderstanding. Benefits of […]

NBS 2020 BIM Survey findings

NBS 2020 BIM Survey findings. This year’s 2020 BIM survey marks the 10th year of asking the industry for their views about BIM. In this article, we’ve picked out ten of the key things that we’ve learnt about the latest state of BIM from this year’s survey. 1. BIM really is a process, not a […]