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zBuilder With IoT Integeration For Facilty management

Future of Revit BIM & VDC

Virtual Design & Construction with Revit BIM Modeling technological innovation has the potential to make the construction sector efficient. Building Information Modeling (BIM) holds the center stage for virtual design and construction. The future looks bright with Revit software application in BIM & virtual design and construction services. Let’s discuss the challenges faced by the […]

BIM and Sustainable Design البيم والتصميم الاخضر

Prepared By Dr Mohamed Elfarran By 2016, revenue from the green and sustainable building construction industry is expected to reach $245.4 billion, according to projections made by market research company IBISWorld in 2011. “Many types of construction projects and activities will drive demand for green building construction, as property owners, developers, and regulators increasingly emphasize […]

BIM for Owners and Facility Managers PDF

BIM for Owners and Facility Managers PDF Prepared By Dr Mohamed Elfarran if you have any question, please contact us direct #zbuilder #construction #BIM #management #costcontrol #bidding #planning #jobcostestimate #supplychain #contractor #subcontractor #contracts #documentManagement #equipment #vendors #4D #5D #3D #primvera #project Downlod Link from here Fac 2 bim facility_opt

zBuilder zBIMBuilder Show Hide BIM Elements

here you can review your BIM model online without any installed applications