zBidder System

Professional and Online Job Estimating System

Break ground, not the Cash Flow.

zBidder Estimating & Job Costing gives you the tools you need to create fast, accurate estimates and track your financial progress from start to finish.






















Main Modules...

BOQ Tree Builder

Discover the industry’s most powerful yet easy-to-use builder tool that make your daily work easy and can be intgerated with Excel easly…

Resources/Assemblies Library

you can prepare your company library of resources and prepare its costing formulas..

Cost Estimator

Using Excel like GUI with formulas and parametric equations will helps you in breaking down each BOQ items with its production rates and prices ..

Overheads and inDirect Expenses

You can list all of your indirect and overheads items was it monthly usage on the quantities then you can divided under the Direct BOQ item with percentage of weighted average


Here you can put all of your percentages  like taxes, profit and risks that you need then u can divided on the Direct and indirect boq items to get out of the final pricing or what we call the sales price of the tender

Vendor Selection

here you can store all vendors or subcontractors that you contact them with RFQs and how you evaluate their prices … and which one you select for estimating your Tender

Main Features....That Helps You....

► Registration of tenders

►Resources/Assemblies Builder

► Bid pricing Template

► Parametric Pricing

► Quotations

► Registration of construction contracts

►Direct Cost Builder/Estimator

►indirect Cost Builder/Estimator

►Markups Estimation

►Final Pricing Adjustment

►BOQ items BIM QS

►link Plan with BOQ

►Resources Histogram

►Cash out/in/Flow

►Cost Planner

►Internal Deviation Notes

►Needs planning

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