zPlanner System

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Plan ahead. Plan for success.

Stop wasting time. Blaze through your projects with the world’s fastest online scheduling. zPlanner Scheduling uses intuitive Gantt charts, so you can manage your projects in no time. With these incredible features, effortlessly create, edit, and share your ever-changing project schedules.






















Main Modules...

Activity Builder

Scheduling keeps your schedule organized and easy to read. Not only is it clearly understandable, but it is also extremely easy to use with direct double way interface with Primavera

Baselines Builder and Approvals

Store, Update, Publish and approve your baselines over cloud system with no hassle of emails or documents…

Activity Cost Estimator

You can add your own pricing for the resources of the cost with tiny efforts …

BOQ Resource Linker

Build your pricing based on BOQ  resources with no need to add it again with updated linking between both of them..

4D Sequence

link easily with BIM Model to get out the 4D sequence and detect what you have online …

Field Execution Selector

Your Field engineer can only pick in 3D what he done and the system do the rest of the work…

Main Features....That Helps You....

► Plan Builder

► Baselines Builder

►Plans approvals

►link Plan with BIM

►Execution on BIM

►Construction Method

►link Plan with BOQ

►Resources Histogram

►Cash out/in/Flow Reports

► Cost Planner

►Needs planning

► Financial Planning

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