Construction Management Platform

Plan, Manage, Construct and Track

On time and on budget are the norm, for even the most complex projects. Everyone performs at a higher level when they can review, communicate, and cooperate in a digital and interactive visual environment.

Now you can validate and optimize your project plan years before you start on-site.

Manage the entire project life cycle

The construction projects start from the idea at the owner and need to convert it in the real building. the consultant provides an initial conceptual design to determine be approved from the owner. From the approved design, the consultant can determine the initial project items and quantities to be promoted as tender between the contractors.

the general contractor breakdown and job estimate the tender items through his own previous work estimation or by collecting prices from the subcontractors/vendors. the final prices will be offered to the consultant and the owner. they categorize all tenders for comparison and selection and approval of the best offer technically and financially to start the project

With the start of implementation, the bee cell begins to spread in the site in several specialties (project manager, Surveyors, technical office, executive office, site accountant, equipment engineer, warehouse manager, correspondence organizer) until construction is completed and delivered.

Engineering Systems present Integrated solutions/systems in one platform to manage the engineering projects as efficiently as possible:

Seamless Integration....

We Build all integration channels with design and scheduling software are unmatched in the industry.

Integrated Platform

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Zbuilder is an integrated solution for construction management Platform divided into 10 modules can be purchased and used from any computer, tablet or mobile and used for each of the owner or consultant or project manager and project management companies, technical office, the contractor and the subcontractor.

We Are Different in ....

This is what characterized our company “Engineering Systems” above  the traditional companies in the field of (construction Project management), in addition to the usual engineering consulting services with over twenty years of experience in construction & industrial management of huge projects at the Middle East & Africa, but also we have our own online platform zBuilder using the latest technology through all levels of the project management starting from the principal design & idea to preparation, and tendering, and finally: construction and handovers.