4D BIM Modeling in Construction Management

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4D BIM Modeling in Construction Management

4D BIM Modeling in Construction Management

4D BIM – Building Information Modeling is the process where 3D digital models are linked with time or schedule related information. This integration brings in precise and useful construction project information for teams. 4D BIM modeling visualization gives out the start and finish date, eliminating the challenges of conventional scheduling of construction sequences of misunderstanding.

Benefits of 4D BIM modeling:

  • Improved design documents by testing design against the construction sequence
  • Analyzing the impact of design changes on the project time line
  • Better site planning and coordination
  • Conflict prevention and resolution
  • Lean Scheduling
  • Improved lead time identification for more effective just in time deliveries
  • Safer data and construction sites
  • Monitoring actual vs planned progress, which helps teams to identify potential issues more quickly, reducing claims


All in all, 4D BIM is a game changer for the construction industry and is capable of saving the sector valuable resources both in terms of time and budget. But a solid understanding of its function is required before a project team can leverage it.

4D BIM modeling service providers, generate construction scheduling process based on 3D BIM models and help contractors, engineers, and architects to gain control over the construction project activities.

4D BIM experts provide:


  • Conversion of hand drawn sketches and pdf files to BIM models using Revit
  • Converting 3D BIM models to 4D for efficient construction process
  • Real time 4D construction simulations along with logistic
  • Managing construction scheduling and sequencing of workflows of 3D models
  • Generating 4D construction videos with help of Autodesk Revit and Navisworks to assess the impact of proposed designs


BIM experts develop 4D simulation and phasing in Autodesk Navisworks for better insights into resource allocation, improved building material logistics, supply chain management and risk mitigation. Integrating the time factor in the shared information system, the planners and BIM professionals are now able to develop accurate project programs. Visualizing the construction progression activity against time lapse and taking precautionary steps for minimum reworks can be forecasted using 4D BIM modeling.
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